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Chatbox Commands and Rules Empty Chatbox Commands and Rules

Post by Unforgiven~ on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:00 pm

First, the rules of the Chatbox. As you all know, there must be rules or the chatbox will be abused. If you have a report for the chatbox, report the user and make a note of why, or just message an administrator or moderator.

1) You may not continually kick someone from the Chatbox without their permission/if they don't want you to.
2) Do not be rude.
3) No continual cussing, or any at other members.
4) No banning other members unless you are staff. There is a way that I am not going to advertise. If this happens, report it.
5) All URP rules apply.

Okay, so on the chatbox, there are so many different things you can do besides just typing back and forth between online users.

1) /me~ This function can say that you are doing something, like an action post. In it, me is replaced with your username.
If your username is WalkingDeadFan
/me eats a pizza will show up as *WalkingDeadFan eats a pizza
/me spazzes out will show up as *WalkingDeadFan spazzes out
/me plays the guitar will show up as *WalkingDeadFan plays the guitar
2) /exit~ This function disconnects you from the chatbox
3) /abs~ This function notifies other members connected of your absense and places your username under the "Away" section.
If you are going to be inactive because you have to do chores and your username is WalkingDeadFan
/abs finishing chroes will show up as WalkingDeadFan is away:finishing chores

Contact me if you have any questions!

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