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Rules! Please read! Empty Rules! Please read!

Post by Unforgiven~ on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:49 am

These are the rules for Ultimate RP! Please read them! Failure to follow rules might result in getting banned if the offence is bad enough!

1.No foul language! (swearing allowed only without being directed towards another member and has to be starred out. You can also not have every other word)
Swearing breaks 2 rules if you are saying it in a mean way to another member. It breaks #1 and #5
2.Please do not kill another person's character without their permission.
DO NOT DO THIS~Darcy took the knife and plunged it into Mark's chest
That breaks two rules! No powerplaying and no killing another person's character without permission!
You can do this~Darcy grabbed the knife from the table and launched at mark, attempting to hit him with the deadly weapon
3.No powerplaying! (playing another person's character)
DO NOT DO THIS~Featherpelt launched at Hailpaw, claws extended and knocked him to the ground, slicing her claws through his face
This is a rule break and should be reported!
You can do this~Featherpelt launched in the air toward Hailpaw, anxious to slice her claws through his fur and so she attempted to do so
4.Please do not spam other websites on this site. Spam here can also be considered advertisements for other sites or products, and excessive use of caps, punctuation, and emoticons. It may also be considered off topic posts, unwanted posts, unnecessary double or triple posting
If you advertise your threads that you made here, it is a very minor offense and will take some time to get banned but please DO NOT DO IT!
5.Please do not mini-mod (tell a moderator or admin~Report the offense!~what they are doing is wrong)
DO NOT DO THIS~You can't do that because it is against the rules, stop it
That is a rule break! If they are violating the rules please report it! Do not try to handle it yourself!
6.Help us to make this a fun and safe site for everyone. If you have a problem, report it
7.NO sexual content! We are a kid friendly website and I do not want kids seeing this stuff, it's inappropriate.
8.No plagiarism! (Do not copy someone else's work and say you did it)
9.Do not tell someone that you are going to report them! This could start a fight!
10.Do not start fights! If someone is being rude, report them!
11.Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be kind and respectful to all members on the site, if you witness someone being rude to someone else or to you, report it.

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