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The breeze was light and icy as it swept under the full moon on this certain night. The leaves rustled beneath the oak trees in front of the SilverSpeck Academy. This was no ordinary school. Masters of the darkness and death roamed these halls through the day with the hunters and the hunted. One day your smiling walking toward your school the night your hiding in the shadows or have a craving for raw meat. Unable to control the beast or monster that live within them. The boy whose pale with sharp teeth that everyone stares at, or the girl who never goes to the late night parties around the town and who lives in the woods. Welcome to .

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I'm 15 year old, Madison Watson. Recently I have just moved here from Atlanta, Georgia. Now, this is going to be my first year at SilverSpeck, and I haven't heard good things about the school. Like my friends saying beast rule the school because the school is cursed. Of, course I never have believe in that hogwash anyway. Vampires, Werewolves, Demons? Get real people. I wish more people could understand me. I wonder where originally the "curse" started from anyway. Well, either way I'm going to find out tomorrow since thats my first day. Madison sat on her new bed and looked at the moon glistening through her window. She quietly walked over to the window unlocked, and opened it up to let the frosty air in. She stood at window letting the frosty and cold scents drift into her room. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind flow through the window and breathed in the frosty-ness of the night. She had always felt comfortable near or around nature. She opened her eyes and saw the light frost layer across the ground. Winter was her favorite time of year. She loved the spells of frost that would cover across the ground at night, and the night sprinkles of snowfall. Madison squinted to see time on alarm clock across the room. It was late, too late for the first day of school to be tomorrow anyway. She closed the window back and relocked the window. She walked out of her room and down stairs toward the kitchen. She drank a quick glass of water, and walked back up stairs. Then she walked back toward her room. She walked back to her bed and sat down on the side to set her alarm clock. She quickly and quietly set the time knowing her mom and dad would be asleep by now. She set her alarm clock down on the nightstand beside her bed, and crawled into bed herself. She closed her eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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