The girl behind the mask (Reteling of Cinderella)

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The girl behind the mask (Reteling of Cinderella) Empty The girl behind the mask (Reteling of Cinderella)

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Cindy stared out the bedroom window, rain drops rolled down the sheet of glass, just like the tears that rolled down her pale cheeks. It was a perfect mood for the day. Rain. Rain was sad, and this moment was sad. She watched as they lifted her mothers coffin onto the trailer of the carriage.
The sound of thumping foot steps filled Cindy's ears, as someone walked up the stone stair case. A few seconds later the plump figure of Nanny Lee walked into the cold room
Nanny Lee, wasn't much of a nanny. She was more like a second mother. Cindy's mother had became deathly ill after she was born, so they hired Nanny Lee to take care of Cindy while she recovered. She never did though.
"Cynthia, Rose, Elanor, Letitia, Smith!" Nanny Lee exclaimed. "You will come down, and mourn for your mother!"
Cindy didn't reply, and soon Nanny Lee heard the quiet sobs, and hurried over to her.
"Oh Cindy." She said with a more gentle tone. "Little Cindy." Nanny Lee picked her up, and set her on her lap. With one hand she smoothed the wrinkles in her black mourning dress, and with the other whipped away her tears with her handkerchief. "We're all sad darling. But I can't bring her back to life. None of us can. You're just going to have to let fate do what fate does, and hope for the best."
This brought a small smile onto Cindy's face. Let fate do what fate does, and hope for the best was what Nanny Lee always said.
"Now come down, and say good bye to your mum."
Cindy nodded a quiet nod, and stood up. She walked out of the room, and down the stairs. Nanny Lee led her outside, and see stood in front of the carriage. Suddenly she felt a little better, like even though her mother was gone, she was still there.
"Good bye mummy." She whispered, as the carriage drove away.

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