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Post by ~Wings~ on Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:41 pm

How long have you been a member?- nearly a year, I don't remember the date exactly but I joined shortly after the site came into existence.
Age- 17
Timezone- Pacific Time Zone
Activity level (1-10)- 6 to 8, currently cheering and phone issues are blocking me from getting on at my normal rate. My normal rate from when my phone isn't messing up, is 8.
Times most frequently active- 8:00 am, 3:30 pm and randomly but quite active after 3:30
Have you had experience as an administrator or moderator of another website? Yes
If so, link? This site.....I don't think you need the link.
Anything else- Really sorry about the confusing times. My phone is at fault since it is my only way online.

<3.....If you truly love something set it free, if it returns then it was always yours......<3
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