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Post by Haruhi Fujioka on Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:09 am


Came Genavieves pained cry as she awoke from her trouble sleep, clutching her stomach. Her face drenched with sweat, she got out of her bed and stumbled over to her door.

She opened it, clutching her stomach with her free hand and stumbled down the dark, lightless hall to the bathroom. She ran in and didn't bother closing the door before leaning over the toilet as whatever meals she had eaten that day showed themselves for the second time.

Tired and trembling she leaned against the wall, catching her breath. "What is wrong with me.." She murmured, wiping the sweat off her forehead on the back of her hand.

Shakily standing up Gena grabbed onto the counter for support. She leaned over the sink and ran the water, splashing cold water on her face. She retched again, bile coming out that just went down the drain.

After drying her face with a towl Gena went back to her room and collapsed into her bed. She picked up her phone and texted her boyfriend. "Hey. Sorry to bother you but I'm not feeling well. Need somebody to talk to."

Within about a minute he texted back. "Hey, it's no problem. What's wrong? :("

Gena explained what had happened and finished just as her mother walked in. "What are you doing on your phone?!" She asked, half confused half angry.

"I-I was sick.. I'm just texting Darien." She explained to her un-convinced mom. "Just go to sleep when you feel better." Was her mom's answer before she left.

"Well, I'll drop by tommorow morning. Luckly it's Saturday." Darien responded. "Yeah. Can't wait." Was Gena's final reply before she passed out from exhaustion into a troubled sleep in a nightmare of her mother's rage.


Authors note: This story's theme is based off my real life. Kind of a way to let off steam is writing about it. Not all of it is real, some changed or made up for the story's sake. Anyways, thanks for reading. Comment if you'd like to.
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The pain.. Empty Re: The pain..

Post by Brute on Sat May 25, 2013 12:15 pm

I was immersed in the story, then you ended it. Very good! I like the story line and all. Short stories are my specialty, too.

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