Howls in the dark

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Howls in the dark Empty Howls in the dark

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:49 am

A thud sounded in the distance,gunshots following shortly after and before the cry of birds.A flock of wild geese took of into the sky,signaling to the other animals to run.Of course a normal creature would run from hunters but Kia had a reason to stay.She would do whatever she needed to protect her pups.The sleek timber wolf's eyes glittered with hate and anger as she herded her little ones to the back of their dugout makeshift fox-den like home before taking up the shot in front of them.Sure the hunters wouldn't notice the hole she watched from just below,blinking deep brown oculars she watched as the humans crashed clumsily through the forest,snapping twigs,braking branches,hollering and yelling.Ducking back inside she curled up with her two young ones and waited for the hunters to pass...

Might finish it,might not finish it.It kind of depends if people actually want me to finish it.
And I know the title isn't so good,though I had kind of a plot for it.-derp-

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Howls in the dark Empty Re: Howls in the dark

Post by Music Loud Love on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:29 pm

thats really good you should finish
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