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Post by Guest on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:40 am

Two hearts beat as one...
A kiss in the rain
Is all that we share.
But love is vain.
Merely a trick.
Like the clouds
It too disappears.
Love is a pain
An ache of the heart,
A terrible feeling.
The death of a life
Can come from just so,
Next thing you hear
A thud and a crash
And all that is left
Is a body and a note
I love you, it says,
In ink smeared by tears
Your own or that of the dead?
And thud...
Down you go.

A child's laugh,
The breath of death.
Where have the people gone?

In empty streets
Where no one meets.
Where have the people gone?

Shutters pulled tight,
Doors bolted and locked.
Maybe they're hiding?

But as I look,
The images smear.
A stain on a page...
Where have the people gone?

Where children played,
Everything is grey.
Toys scattered around
Just laying on the ground...
Where have the people gone?

A hot sun strikes the cold black tar
Glittering and shimmering so.
Dust and leaves ride a breeze
Picked up in a spin.

The people are gone,
But to where?
Don't worry...
They're just at rest...

The rain,a storm stirs in the dark...
Pitter,patter,pitter patter.
Beating against the roof,
Beating against my window.

A rainbow,as clear as day...
The clouds make way,
Parting to let the sun in.
Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet streak across the sky...
Who knows what's at the end?

The sun,shining through my window
As bright as a thousand lights...
The storm is gone...
Everything calm...
But alas,it's just begun.

Snowflakes fall from high hanging clouds,
Dusting the world beneath,
In a glittery powder of white.
A heavier frost,soon to come,will pave the streets in pure.
Children play,snow flies
Snowmen set up with silly little hats and carrot noses.
Winter is here,
A time for joy,a time for cheer...

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