The Heart of the Forest

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The Heart of the Forest Empty The Heart of the Forest

Post by Brute on Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:38 pm

The forest was silent after the rain. A little wet buzzer (it looks like a bird with four limbs with one claw each at the end and a couple of fly wings on its back) shook its feathers and chirped irritably, sitting high on one of the giant mushrooms, which leaned over a clear, rushing stream. Across the rocks a whiptail scuttled (thin, eel-like, has a whip-like tail with a barb at the end, has a weasel-like head and really sharp canines, has four limbs, each of them bat-like wings used for "flying" underwater), then dove underwater to catch a strange insect-looking-like thingy. An iridescent green quicksilver (a water dragon: two long horns, a pair of whiskers, cat eyes, saber-tooth canines, tail like an eel(flattened tip, goes side-to-side like a fish), two arms with super-sharp claws) darted out from his hole under a rock to catch the whiptail. The whiptail snapped her wings against her body, and shot into a hole in the bank. The quicksilver bared his long teeth, then, with a determined flick of his eel-like tail started swimming upstream, running his claws under rocks to search for food.

Watching this going on was a grey-white wolf, with folded light grey wings. His eyes were beautiful; around the rims of his irises was deep blue to light, and around the pupil was sunny yellow, flecked with orange. His furry ears flicked back and forth, and he smiled gently. However, something about him was not right. The buzzer knew that, and chirped again. Then she lifted his transparent wings, unhooked his claws from the mushroom flesh, and buzzed away, into the giant leaves of a nearby tree.

The wolf watched her go. It was true, he was a visitor. He was a kappura, the friendly breed of the winged wolves, generally called kappas. The unfriendly kind were called kappuris, and all of them were dark-coloured and vicious. However, that didn't mean ALL kappuras were nice.

The wolf looked into the forest of giant brown-and-white mushrooms and wide-trunked trees with broad leaves as big as dinner plates from the tables of humans on Earth. A rattlehoof (basically a deer with hollow hooves that often have pieces of broken bone in them) poised at the edge of the stream, taking a sip. The wolf started toward her, but with a flash of white rump she bounded off. He sighed. It would take a lot to get used to, for these creatures in the area, to have a grounded kappura. (Normally kappas lived on airbourne islands, I'll explain later.)

But he was Kiosk. He would survive.

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