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Chapter 1

Written by Master Tuesday
Greetings to you whom finds yourself reading this. I am glad that I shalt be not the only one to look upon the pages of this book. Or perhaps I am the only to be visually stimulated to understand the knowledge within, and you instead obtain it by another mean? Yes, you must. The metaphysics state it could be so, and thus it is so.

Whom is the writer of this book, the thus unnamed author? I suppose it depends on the time. Not just my time, past, present and future; no, it also depends on which time it is. In some times, I am nought, my identity nothing more than part of the primal void from whence all might have been made. But some times do not have the void, as maybe-haps they came from the ocean of all? Undeniably, there is at least one time that is the anti of mine, wherest before the recordance of start was all, and then came the oasis of nought. A realm in complete opposity to mine, wherest absence means presence, death means life, air means earth. Nonetheless, maybe one whom reads this comes from a different time, where I might be. Perhaps I am a different form there; a never-was, a never-will, but an always-am perhaps. I have heard them lives to be the most undesirable, as the only true fate for one of such binding is true, penultimate nihilism. Or maybe-haps it isn't? Yes, it must be. Nihilism is the only way to mark the paper of existence. But for those of my time, or one of the infinite almost-times, I am known as Therotras Fallodar.

What does this book contain, you may wonder? I do not know. Or perhaps I do, but a different me does. Maybe-haps all me knows all books. Maybe-haps I am Yzxstuhl, or Tykakoquth, or even Kiilfobudikodr. Maybe-haps none me knows none books. Perhaps all is true, but all is lies. What if this time is one of those times, though? What if the Asroizz are truly just fragmentative me, from other times? Maybe. Like I stated, the contents of this book are unknown to me, and vary from time to time. Perhaps this book does not exist for you, or perhaps it should not. An anomaly, a problem. Perhaps it is a remnant from countless times ago, the sole survivor of my time and all that has and will transpire? Maybe-haps it is a seed for what is to come, the origin of my time, taking root within yours? I do not know. It all depends on which me wrote it; no two strands are the same, after all. I simply know what should be in this book before this me, the one I now alter before me. It should be a document of lying truths, of fictional facts, of definite impossibles that are possible. A document of the philosophical topics of metaphysics, the aether realms, and their links to the corporeal realms.

Ah, the boundless, infinite infinites of the extradimensions and unseen facts. As they are endlessly endless, so is the subjects to explain and translate, with the forever-possible maybe-question being my first hinderance: Where to start? Perhaps, for this me, the simplest place of origination is that which allows that which is corporeal to begin, last, and finish; the intricate, unexplainable form of time. As time is not a physical thing that can be seen, it can never be truly and accurately described to a mortal mind; it's form has no true, accurate simile, and only those who have witnessed it directly can understand its complexity.

Perhaps, imagine a line - for those of other times, if such a line does not exist, imagine a simple length of a unidimensional object. One end is the beginning of time, the other opposite end is the end of time. Any further details can be explained later within this book. Now, let us assume that this line is your time; the timeline you exist within. As your timeline and existence has undeniably not yet ended, it is impossible to estimate what section of the line amounts to your presence within your realm. Simply understand that you are on this line. This specific, individual line contains the result of every single choice that ever has occurred, is occurring, and will occur is stored upon this line. Absolutely everything, from the absolute largest and affecting of choices, such as if war shall be waged, down to the minimalist choices which you have no control of; such as, the decision of a neutrino on if it wishes to exist or not, had it the choice. All of it is contained within this single line. Now, what if something was different? Imagine a second line, running parallel to the first line. This second line is identical to the first line, your timeline, except in one aspect; a single choice that occurred within your timeline had a different result chosen. Perhaps a single neutrino, somewhere within that timeline, unlike it's counterpart in your timeline, did not choose to exist? What you have imagined here is the basis for what is to come.

Now, imagine another timeline, that is similar and parallel to both timelines before it, but also different; like the second, it has a single choice made differently from the first, however unlike the second, it was a different choice that was altered. A different neutrino decided not to exist, perhaps. Repeat this, and you will soon discover that for every choice that occurred, there were an infinite number of possible results, each resulting in their own timeline, but all equally the same; all these choices were of inferior or insignificant importance to change anything of significance. Grouped together, these lines form a string of time, a time-string for simplicity's sake. All the timelines within this timestring seem identical, but somewhere within their corporeal realms, there was an insignificant change that occurred. Now, imagine a new timestring, again parallel to the first. This again consists of an infinite number of timelines, each similar but different in their own way, but all are different from the other timestring. Why? because within this timestring, a more significant change occurred; instead of a neutrino, an atom perhaps. Now, form another timestring, this one with perhaps an atom that decided it did want to exist, unlike its counterparts. These timestrings soon form a time-coil; repeating the process, a time-rope would be made, then the timerope would form something larger, and thus the process would repeat ad infinitum, comparable to a fractal in nature. This is why I spoke as I did before; within my timeline, timestring or timerope, I exist, because the choices have occurred with the conclusions that further my existence. However, in other timeropes, I may be me, but a female version of myself; I could be a year younger, a year older; or, I could simply not exist at all, as the critical choices leading to my existence were chosen with significant changes to avert my creation.
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It's like, almost Olde English. Or is it? :D

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