A Hero, ((short essay))

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A Hero, ((short essay)) Empty A Hero, ((short essay))

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:20 pm

The words of a hero lie silent in the dust of our works. The hero dies with no recognition or glory. He dies upon his own sword and with our means. He lies there, on our field with the dead long forgotten, to join their fate. He has done more than anyone could have, or likely would have. He gave up all that he had and could have obtained through living. Instead of walking a path of fame and fortune, that man, that simple man chose to walk the empty dark lonely road of freedom. His own and all of ours. He did it not only for himself, but also for the whole world; so all people could see that there is always choice, even in the industrialized world of chains and bondage. With his death, he became a martyr to all those who stood by him, spiritually and physically to his last dying breath. The hero died that day of destruction, but nobody remembers. Nobody cares. Why would they, the world is theirs for the taking because of them. They are too busy breathing in the fresh air their new found freedom to realize that tragedy had befallen the world. The hero, even as his ghost watches this dishonor is bestowed upon him smiles. What he sees is the joy of the people. Once the man may have yearned for fame and glory, but he found something more suitable to his tastes. He had found satisfaction. He was proud of himself and that was enough. He leaned that being a hero wasn’t about the glory. Being a hero means doing everything you can when you can. Never giving in to defeat, even if it means taking a path that leads you a untimely death. Even if that death is alone among the dead being a hero means saving what was worth saving even if you do not get the chance to revel in it again. A hero should rather be forgotten and had done the world right, than do what the world thought was right and be remember for all times. It is important to remember that all will be forgotten one day, but even as one life is forgotten it does not change what the hero had done…

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