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Post by Brute on Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:07 pm

“Life is a multitude of stories all jumbled together in one world, divided into many parts. Ako was just one of the many stories. Ako, a worldwide society fraught with danger and power, was a unique story in which the so-called Powerfuls and Mortals separated each other, only to clash again with a short but disastrous war, after which Ako ceased to exist.

“Back in the rich old days of Ako, there was a certain iniquity on every continent, a group of ones who refused to obey the rules. Of course, they were met with disapprobation from the leaders of the Akoan Society, but they did their injustice anyway. They frequently liked to go on forays for average humans, Mortals. This was no diminutive crime, and even as the rumours reached the ears of the highest ranking leaders, they started to put a stop to the gangs. But nothing really changed. Nothing happened, in all the judges’ efforts to quell the evil.” Melanie finished her speech with a minute sigh, tired from talking. “Questions?”

A small inquisitive boy raised his hand tentatively. “Just a statement. I think those meanies were quite contentious. I bet they were fractious too, causing all that trouble.”

“Such a contemptuous bunch!” a girl with choppy black hair, added.

“One would think it expected,” Melanie replied to the boy from above in her teacher’s pulpit.

The girl was quick to reply: “And they caused such a furor in the society, too!”

The bell rang, and the students stood up to leave the room. As the black-haired girl was leaving, Melanie called her back: “Kat! Was Timothy here?”

She shook her head. “No. Such a truant student, staying out of school without notifying the teachers!”

Melanie nodded, and let her student leave.

Kat sighed, and walked quickly to catch up with her friends. One other person, an amiable person, but a terrible one at schoolwork, was joining them today, and she began conversing at once.

“Isn’t that teacher terrible; she irks me with her long speeches!” the blond lamented, beginning to braid her long hair.

“Isn’t every magisterial person like that teacher! Come on, Emma, it’s typical,” another commented.

Emma sighed exasperatedly. “But Ms. Melanie is so different. She’d rather quibble and talk nonsense! I’d get to the point of all this trash and practice edification.”

“You would indeed!” the same girl snorted sarcastically.

“She does cause much vexation among the parents, what with all that horrible history of Ako and such-- wrecking horrendous ideas upon the virgin minds of her students! Gretchel, you simply do not see the point.”

“And you would call me a ‘virgin mind’?” The short haired brunette shook her head. “You are the one not seeing the point!”

“Actually, I don’t think she’s all that bad,” Kat said placidly, her expression opposite from her arguing counterparts. It was going to be hard to arbitrate this argument, between rivals who did not believe in leaving an argument unsettled.

The asinine blond simply waggled her finger at Kat: “Look how affected she is! You see, Miss Prissy is using her powers on you. But her attempt to morph everybody into her side will be absolutely fruitless; everybody hates her!”

The small boy gingerly offered a comment, his every attempt tentative. “She would not be dispatched of; that’s not a crime worthy of death. Anyways, from what source do you derive all this information from? No rumours are acceptable by the court. And are you suggesting you are against the Powerfuls, for you are one too? We all are.” He began to gain a bit more confidence. “Also, you are rather nebulous with your so-called facts.”

“Bah! You are only one with a predilection for people like her, that horrible woman! Her talks are vapid and boring! She dares not to reveal her concession of being one of the last Powerfuls of Ako! She is a devil woman, wrought from evil!” Emma stopped to catch her breath, then glared at the little boy. “Go tell your brethen and sissies that school is a waste of time and energy! To the hearth of the devil with Ako and mechanics! It’s worthless knick-knacks you will never use in life!”

The boy, usually taciturn, returned to his normally quiet ways.

“Thank goodness that girl’s only on a sojourn here, and will leave tomorrow,” Gretchel hissed to Kat. “I wouldn’t be able to stand her trash if she stayed another week. How dare the district supply that bitch with a domicile, if she hardly even is grateful for a bed and breakfast!”

Kat sighed. “She is already a dispensation of that beauty club she joined and now is not part of. And she harbours bad feelings of Melanie and company, ever speaking of them! And how dare she bully around that poor melancholy boy, an orphan for five years so far! He’s gothic, but so what; he has his own reasons for being black and glum.”

“I know, right?! That Emma should just secede from being in this school, or she would be forcefully ejected! Anyways, it would save her from the mortification of being kicked out from yet another school. She doesn’t have a single dictum to save her life in court; she doesn’t have the authority, even though she thinks she does. She shall be reprimanded judiciously, in court, the right way!”

“Wait, she’s been kicked out of a bunch of other schools as well?”

Gretchel rolled her eyes. “Of course! She wouldn’t come here either if it were not for the assistant principal being her uncle.”

The pair watched as the boy’s sister assuaged him, offering comforting words to dull his probable hatred of Emma. They waited until the other two caught up, then walked with them.

“Well, to be hearty will y’all, I cannot stand that ugly mongrel of a girl, the truth be told.” The sister of the little boy slurred her words meditatively in a Southern accent, curiously in a monotone. “In all my livelihood, I haven’t seen a girl that bad. She’s a bitch of a girl, that’s for sure. I’ll say she has that kind of confusing Element, y’know, the one where somebody always convinces everyone to do it her way?” the girl drawled on.

Kat nodded. “And Ms. Melanie is actually a benign teacher, a lot nicer than most. She was tacit with the rules of the classroom from the beginning; too bad she didn’t shoot the shoe on Emma’s ass.”

Gretchel shook her head sadly. “Nah, she wouldn’t do that. She has too much cordiality to destroy anybody’s life,” she chuckled.

Kat smiled. “From my palette, Ms. Melanie is the colour yellow. She’s so friendly and bright.”

The sister nodded. “Aye. Emma should go back to her indigenous, original country, from whence she came. She doesn’t belong. If she stays, she won’t be auspicious with her attempts to destroy every sane society in the world; there’s too many against her ideas. And if she won’t even be civil, the authorities would never even consider her request; they would feel disrespected! And I don’t blame them. I would not call her unsullied, for she is the dirtiest of all!”

Gretchel growled, “She is so erratic and changeable with her arguments! She is not as flinty and tough as she thinks she is! That horrible girl, I’ll whip her until she wishes she hadn’t watched the sun go down!”

Kat sighed, shaking her head. The argument would never be won.

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