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Post by Don't even start on Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:37 am

Sage walked thoroughly the meadow it's log golden grass tickling her legs as she took each step, she wore a huge grin on her face as she approach the end of the meadow to a medium sized orphanage. Her brown hair reached her mid back and looked nicely with her white dress that reached just above her knees she was wearing no shoes and had sun kissed golden skin and plump pink lips her hand rested on her dress holding it up so the grass dosen't reach it as she walked past the many kids that played out side. Mostly all of the kids were ten and younger but she was a proud fifteen year old girl wishing that one day she can see the real world.

Hear that bell it's ringing, here that girl she's screaming, screaming for the pain to vanish, vanish with not a tear left behind, did you here me before you hurt her...me...us...
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