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Brute's Poems and Songs!!! Empty Brute's Poems and Songs!!!

Post by Brute on Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:24 pm

Here's all my poems that I've collected!!!

I'm Rolling!

I stay in my cage,
As the rain says, "Pat, pat, pat."
As you can see,
I'm chubby, but not fat.

I roll in a jar
Around the house.
As you can see,
I'm bigger than a mouse.

I'm a hamster,
As you can see.
A bunch of seeds
Is a treat for me.

Apples and Bees

You're an apple,
You're a bee,
You're an apple
That fell off the tree.

You're an apple,
You're a bee,
You're a bee
That hovers high and low,
Going wherever
You want to go.

You're an apple,
You're a bee,
You're a treatie
Waiting for me.

There's a Place

There's a place where things can grow,
There's a place where things can be slow,
There's a place where things can live and have peace.

My Rabbit

Come, fall
Is my rabbit's
Annual Best Rabbit of All


Death is a time,
Where you can no longer recieve
Or expect presents
Every Christmas Eve.
'Tis the time has come
For you to be done
With living and seeing
Your daughters and sons.
Shall I die under the earth,
Or shall I die
Before someone's birth?

The Cat's Moon

I once was a rabbit.
Another day a raccoon.
I was a black cat
On the night of the cat's moon.

I crept through the shadows;
I was part of the dark.
I did not let a leaf rustle;
I did not want to wake the sleeping larks.

I, a cat, leaped through the dark.
The full moon led the way.
For this trip was taken in the night,
And not during the day.

I met other cats.
We romped and played
Throughout the night,
Until the sun was beginning to light the sky,
With all of its early morning delight.

By the time the sun turned yellow,
We were watching the cows snort and bellow.
Then we went home our separate ways,
Each going to bed to sleep away the day.

Come back another night,
To see us playing with fruitful delight,
To see us playing in the moonlight.

I'll add more later!!! ^^

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