What do you roleplay?

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What do you roleplay?

33% 33% 
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0% 0% 
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0% 0% 
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22% 22% 
[ 2 ]
22% 22% 
[ 2 ]
11% 11% 
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11% 11% 
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Total Votes : 9

What do you roleplay?

Post by Fray on Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:54 pm

Okay so this is a poll I started a while back (though I had to restart it once because I lost the results) and have asked across many sites. So I thought I would ask it here...

The question is simple... What do you like to RP?

Please vote and reply! If your favorite type of RP is not on the list, then please suggest it below and I will add it. The reason I am asking it now is for a Forum Project I have started with a friend nearly a year ago. It was mostly talk until a few months ago when we decided to get serious with it. However it wasn't until recently with the closing of a separate friends forum that I was sparked to really step forward and start it, essentially reopening this closed forum. However this initial forum  we made (mainly me...) we do not know if we will keep due to a bit of debate about it... However we would like to start another to focus on one subject for RP. What it is will be decided by the outcome of this poll. There is currently no set end date for the poll, it will run until we believe enough votes have been gathered (as I said this is being asked across multiple sites I am a part of).

Multiple choice and vote cancelling is activated for this poll. So please... Cast your vote!

Below I will list the current results gathered from across multiple sites as well as the votes they have received thus far...

-Wolves (8)
-Big Cats (3)
-Horses (3)
-Human (4)
-Middle Ages (3)
-Narnia Type (2)
-Supernatural [Vampires/Werewolves/ect.] (5)

With my dearest love...


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