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Post by CPT Revenge Unit #27 on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:57 am

Mud and Gold
A story about genius, insanity & tolerance

Gold. Designation Au, atomic number 78, weight of 19.30 per square centimetre, approximately 174,000 tonnes mined in human history according to GFMS, formerly known as Gold Field Mine Services, in 2012. Mud, a mixture between an indeterminate amount of hydrogen dioxide, and common 'dirt,' which itself is a mixture between soil, silt and clay. Mud will soften and expand when hydrated, especially under weight, which can result in severely harmful events, such as quicksand or structural failure, should a building be constructed upon it. The act of propelling a solid gold bar into sufficiently hydrated mud would not be unlike allowing gravity to propel a concrete masonry unit into a tank of water; It would sink directly to the bottom with little or no resistance. Knowledge is golden. Incorrect. Knowledge is an incorporeal collection of various assorted memories, stored within the human brain for use at various assorted times, as it is required. Incorporeal objects have no mass or physical assembly, and thus have no appearance, and thus are incapable of sustaining any colour, thus incapable of being golden. Paint is physical, and thus capable of being golden. Paint is any liquid or liquefiable substance that upon application to a surface...

1: Genesis, Beginning, Introduction.
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