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Post by Black Roses on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:29 am

One of my CSI:NY fics...


What You Are

Pairing : Mac/Claire/Stella
Rating : NC-17
A/N : Just something that bounced into my head.. Damn you
Summary : Stella has feelings for Mac who already has a secret but will love conquer all?

Chapter One

Mac Taylor lived in New York with his wife of six years, Claire who was the love of Mac's life and they'd been together since Mac was in the Marines and they married in 1993 in Chicago were they spent the early years of their marriage, before the transfer to New York City, and both were excited about the move to New York.

Claire was 5ft 6 with red hair and blue eyes which Mac loved along with her humour which matched his and as he thought back to the night they first met, he couldn't help but wonder if the fates had something to do with it but either way, Mac was happy with the result as when they got married, Claire took his last name of Taylor.

As they settled into married life, they made the choice not to have children until they were ready and it was the hardest choice they made but they had to for now until they were ready to try for a baby of their own.

Mac had been working at NYPD for while then got promoted to head of the Crime Lab and he also got to know his team but one of them had taken a shine to him and that was Stella Bonasera who didn't know that Mac was even married but she hoped, wished he was single so she might had a chance with him.

Later that week, Mac was in his office when a knock distracted him, he looked up to see Claire entering his office with his forgotten problem and Mac smiled, and said " How'd you know?", to which Claire replied " I just knew that you would need it." which made Mac chuckle with what Claire had said, as she rolled her eyes at that remark.

As most of the team were returning from crime scenes, they all saw their boss with someone, whom they had no idea who yet but saw them share a tender moment together which started to make Stella jealous and now she was more eager to get Mac, but didn't know how yet....

Claire hugged Mac lovingly as he returned the hug to her knowing how much she meant to him than words could ever say, Claire knew that and she felt the same towards him too knowing how lucky she was to love and be his forever.

Mac let Claire stay in his office for the day with him as he was reviewing case files to be signed as Claire checked her emails on her laptop as she was on his couch with some music playing, which didn't annoy Mac as he liked it.

What happens next?
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