The tale of a forbidden love(SO CHEEZEH lesbian)

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The tale of a forbidden love(SO CHEEZEH lesbian) Empty The tale of a forbidden love(SO CHEEZEH lesbian)

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:38 pm

If you have any comments,suggestions,etc. please pm me.I don't want to fill the thread with that kinda random stuff,But I might do a special Q&A.It depends on my mood really.
Chapter 1~What the f**** just happened?

I was staring out the window.Bored of life nothing,that good has come out of it for me.I am 13,and in 8th grade.I have glasses,short,plain,straight,black hair,but the weird thing is I have cold blue eyes instead of the usual brown or whatever.If you can tell,yes I am singled out for looking like a nerd.Yes I have straight As and a GPA of 4.0.However,I am also really good at sports like a pro athlete level.Everyone respects me for that,even the people who hate me.I know I sound like some perfect angel,but really I am not.Here are some negative stuff about me.
1.I don't have any true friends just the ones you hang out with but don't really "stick" to you.Just someone to hang out with and talk.
2.Apparently the people that are true friends or really get along with me just disappear from life.It sickens me like last year me and this girl,Annabeth,and I were really great,but then she had to transfer schools and move to another town.We still text each other and stuff but we aren't that good anymore.I guess really solid looking bonds aren't that good without a face to face talk.Skype?yea I don't really like to use that,and by face-to-face I meant walk together or somethin'.
3.I am adopted.Luckily I was picked up by a nice couple and they seem to stick to me,but only because of the rule of you have to be 18+ to move out of the house law.

Now back to where I am.It was time to go so,I already packed up my stuff,and I am walking home.I know you are suppose to ride the bus or get picked up by a parent.Screw that this is the only time I get to be truly alone.Besides I want to go to a market,buy some ice cream,and watch the sunset.My parents must be really worried huh?No actually they trust me.As long as I have a cell phone,and am in a populated area they trust me.Funny thing is,I never exactly told them where I went.They thought it was at the park.At the center of the park was a tower named"Sun-drown top"weird name,huh?It was the town's pride and joy though.It is famous for being 1 of the top 50 biggest towers too.Couples go there often to watch the sunset together thinking"how romantic~."For me now nope,I have an even better place.In my opinion though anyways,I went to a smaller park.It wasn't populated very much so,it was a parent's favorite place to go or the elderly.Most older people like this one because it is more relaxing.I finally arrived there.I went through the woods behind the park.Took a few turns then arrived at a well.I jumped inside the well and went right.I crawled out of a hole.I was in a opening field of grass.There was a windmill near by.I went to the windmill and opened the door.I went to the roof.Took out my packaged ice cream,opened it and started eating.I am watching the sun set.The place I am at is a abandoned farmed.People don't really know about it and never payed much attention.Lucky for me no one bought this property,yet.Because of a rumor though,they say the place is a place of supernatural things or something.The only thing I know is that the farm is REALLY big like you could fit 4 buildings and still fit some house in between and around.If you go up the windmill you can see the farmhouse north and a regular house next to it with a fence that surrounds the property.Mountains in the east and a lake southwest.So I don't see anything out of the ordinary.The sun went down and the stars came out.Since today was Friday I got a little sleepy from all the work and stuff.Finally,the weekend is tomorrow.I decided to rest a little bit more before going back.After a few minutes,I woke up to see shooting stars."How pretty,it was better then sunsets."I thought.I saw the moon was full too....the moon I felt a sudden burst like roots growing out of me,and my body getting puffy.I closed my eyes hoping the pain would go away.Then I felt something blast out of me.I felt a little warmer.I looked at my hands to see that they were....paws?Down at me feet were paws too.I decided to go to the lake to take a better look.The other odd thing is the lake turned into a heart shape.The lake was still clear and blue.I saw whiskers on my face,animal ears,half my arms turned into paws,so is my feet,the fur is white on my paws and legs,but my ear is full black.Then I saw something white behind me on my left side.I thought it was a shooting star.The thing is,it looked too furry to be a shooting star.I turned around to see it was gone.I looked back to the lake to see it on the other side.I jerked back to see it was gone,again.I turned around back to the lake.It went away and I thought"That was weird." "Are you chasing your tail?"I heard someone beside me asked.

Whew,that was quite the chapter,it was so long with introductions!Sorry if I bored you or disappointed you with this,but please keep reading I swear it will get a little better!

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The tale of a forbidden love(SO CHEEZEH lesbian) Empty Chapter 2~A meeting under the shooting stars

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:53 pm

I look to see a girl with playful,grey eyes reflecting the starry night sky.She looked like she was my age.She had dark brown hair that lay on her shoulders."No,I.....wait why aren't you frightened by my appearance?"I asked while blushing a little from the remark.She looked at me a little confused.Then her face lit up with a charming smile."I am Marie Collins,what is your name?"she asked. "Roxanne Sterling." I answered. "Roxanne...means star,that's pretty cool!"she said with a happy grin. "My name means beauty and grace." she told Roxanne."That's great but you still haven't answered my question."I pouted. "C'mon take a chill pill~"she cheered. "How can I when I am a furry?!" I exclaimed. "Jeez sorry,no, say sorry to the furies.Not all of them are like that!"she stated. "I could really care less!I all wanted to know is how I got this?!!"I shouted and showed her my paws.She stayed silent for a few minutes. "You really don't know do ya?...well it might take a while.."she murmured.I then thought "Time...what time was it?!"I checked my phone and it showed 9:51 pm."CRAP! They are really going to be p*** off."I thought."Hey can you kinda speed up your explanation? I gotta run."I said "Ok,You are half wolf."she told me. "uh-huh k so,how do I turn back?"I asked.I heard a rustling from a tree.
Out came a girl with light brown hair and long twin tails that reached slightly below her waist.She had warm,hazel eyes."Sis,who is this?"she asked. "Oh this is Roxanne."she answered. "Who's team is she on?"she questioned and came to stand next to her sister."I think she is a stray.Do you happen to know how to get unknown strays out of the field?" she queried. "Umm no.I think she has to be stuck here until we win....or...maybe get her out of her werewolf form."she suggested.While they were talking I was looking around and realized I was at a slightly different place.
There were tree surrounding us.The area is the same but it has a forest lining around instead of the fence.The mountains were nowhere to be seen.As I mentioned before the lake was a heart shape and a cabin at the far edge of it.I turned to see they were staring at me."What?"I demanded. "Follow us to the cabin.It isn't really safe out here."Marie informed. "We will answer your questions there." her sister spoke.I thought"Heck why not?My parents were going to be angry with me anyway."I followed them to the cabin and went in.
A bunk bed was at the right corner,a drawer on the other side with a mirror,a desk was across the door,a bookshelf near the bed,a window was between the desk and bed another on the left side of the door.I stepped on the rug inside the cabin.It actually had a lot more room then I thought.It looked like it could fit 7 people here. "Sit on that chair."Marie told me and pointed to the one at the desk.I went there while they went to the bottom bed."I am Sonya."Marie's sister introduced."Nice to meet you,now do you guys know how I can change back,and leave this place?"I urged. "Sorry the thing is.We don't really know."Sonya said. "What do you know?"I asked. "Things that we think would not be very necessary for you to know."Marie said. "Fine so,where am I?"I questioned. "You are in a different dimension." she answered. "Different-WHAT?!"I shouted. "Calm down,you can go back to your house after we win this war."Marie explained. "What kind of war is this?!!"I asked in a voice still shocked from the different dimension thing.The sisters looked at each other."Well,3 teams challenged us for money."Sonya explained. "We are each betting 1,261$" Marie added. "Right now we took out 2 teams.Now its between our team and the other,Chromedrills,that is the name of the team that we are currently facing." Marie explained. "That is a lot of money.People must be rich if they can participate in the games like that huh?" I commented. "Not necessarily,It just depends on your background really." Sonya told her. "Social really is everything now in this world for power...."I thought to myself. "Any other questions?"Maire asked. " will you win this war and how long will this take?"I asked. "Well there are 2 ways to win a regular war.You either find the key item and touch it.Or you defeat the team captain.It take a while and we aren't really sure how long it will exactly take.Before you arrived we were looking for the item since we think the Chromedrills are too strong to fight head on."Marie explained. "Which is why we are gonna request you help us find it."Sonya blurted out. "Sonya,what the hell?!"Marie exclaimed. "What? its not like she can have an actual safe spot to hide.I mean seriously,who does not have the common sense to not figure out that a cabin can be shelter?"Sonya countered with a innocent,blank expression. "Ok you have a point,but isn't that a little too dangerous?I mean yea we can defend her, but the Chromedrills aren't something to underestimate."she reasoned. "Oh come on!why not?she can use her doggie senses to locate the item while we defend her.Its kinda like killing 2 birds with 1 stone."Sonya defended.Marie sighed and said"It can't be helped can it?First though if Roxanne agrees with us then we can use your plan."They both looked at me."I guess...."I told them.They both lit up with a bright expression and smiled. "Great!Now all you have to do is form a pact!"They said in a perfect sync.Each of the twin's took my hand."Repeat these words,I announce my loyalty to PhoenixWings."Marie instructed.I repeated the words.Then both of them did the unthinkable.THEY KISSED ME!On the cheek though.A aura surrounded us in red.A light showed down onto us.The aura and light disappeared after they let go of me."Welcome to the team!~"the sisters cheered.

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