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Post by Poisoned <3 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:33 pm

[/b]So you guys don't get freaked out this is a story about a girl who is in always stuck in her day dreams but one day,totally out of her day dreams!she starts to see people who are angles and Demon's she dose regret having this,but...little dose she know they were created by her over the past years

My name is Kumiko Kuroda...I'm not you average girl in fact I'm a lot different. I live in Japan with my oldest brother Toni we stay away from each other for a few reasons,but I don't really want to say why long story. Anyways I am a big day dreamer, they tell me I'm the girl in that song...OH gosh what was it?!oh!a team I think. I never told you about my apperence did I you shouldn't have let me table on and on! Let's just say I was born some were different... There I go again... Ok let's get on with it I have long redinsh brown hair with green eyes people say I'm pretty but no way!!

Ok so please put a post on what you think so far I do enjoy good coments and some to help me get better...thank you![b]

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